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In an always online world, where time is of the essence, conveying messages quickly is key to generating clicks. Clicks define success of any online activity, be it an individual trying to promote his unbox video, a photographer promoting her photo gallery, a start-up trying to drive online mindshare of its target market or large organizations having huge budgets for online campaigns.

MyLnk stands out as a cool tool for conveying messages quickly by creating meaningful links that attract clicks. MyLnk tops the pudding by providing analytics in a simple, understandable, yet comprehensive format through a simple and easy to use interface. In short, it is a unique URL shortener that has taken the digital world by storm.

Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, MyLnk was conceptualized and designed by a bunch of marketing technologists, who realized the need for a simple, yet powerful tool that would help online marketers make their campaigns more attractive, while providing insights that would help plan their investments better.

MyLnk achieves its merit by offering custom links and shorten links, which enable the following and much more:

  • AB Testing with Multi Tagging Destination
  • Campaign Management
  • Easy Click Metrics and Easy Analytics Reporting with
  • Simplified sharing of Campaign Data across teams in an ingenious way.

The opportunities are endless…

Join the force of futuristic linkers!


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