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Platform for SaaS Reviews Cites MyLnk as a Top SEO Software Tool

MyLnk best SEO tool

Personalizing URLs to make it look appealing and memorable is crucial if you want to easily capture everyone’s attention. This is a great way to drive more website traffic and boost conversions. FinancesOnline recently conducted a thorough analysis of MyLnk and found our platform to be user-friendly and efficient not only in creating customized links, but also for tracking link analytics with insightful data on your campaigns. With this, we received two esteemed awards.   MyLnk received FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience award for best SEO software solutions due to our platform’s ease of use and well-designed functionalities in improving one’s branding and deriving crucial insights on one’s campaigns. In their written review, FinancesOnline’s experts stated that Mylink boosts one’s “power of branding and the advantages of URL customization.”   Meanwhile, FinancesOnline’s experts stated that our link analytics tool can help users quickly monitor important campaign data. “How did your URLs…


Seasonal Campaigns – A Sensible Way of Marketing


Digital market is a crowded platform, with millions of others trying to grab customers’ attention. Every other person is doing the same campaigns, following similar trends and fighting for an ounce of attention. But only the marketers, who think out of the box and make their campaigns relevant to the audiences, wins. Seasonal campaigns are the best way to make your campaigns more relevant. Seasonal Campaigns – Connect better with your audience Knowing and understanding your target audience, will give you a clearer picture on the seasonal campaigns you ought to have. Don’t take it as granted that seasonal campaigns would mean you run 4 campaigns a year based on the season. A big NO! Customer profiling of the existing and the prospective will give you a clear picture. Keep the following in mind, when you are to plan and decide on the seasonal campaigns, What are the parameters involved…

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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns More Successful

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns More Successful

Are you still debating as to whether you should be running a holiday campaign? Yes. Yes and yes, you should be. Studies show that, the buying rate of customers spike up during the holiday season. People are happy and planning for the New Year’s, the possibility of a chance or higher spend is definite. Either to double your sales or to increase your reach, Holiday season marketing campaigns are a must. 5 Ways Your Holiday Season Campaign can be a Super Success With the holiday season nearing, the number of brands competing to catch the customers attention is innumerable. Standing out is the priority in running the campaign. Attention to the tiniest details can make all the difference here. Stay Relevant. Talk Relevant Marketing communications should be crisp and relevant to the audience. You can’t be selling a gas mask for the holiday season. Maybe you can, as long as…


5 Things to do to Take Your Blog to The Next Level


Blogging. Blog. The words you hear again and again. An aspiring blogger, an established blogger or a company with a blog as a marketing channel. It’s one space, a channel you cannot ignore now. According to 2016 blogging statistics, there are 6.7 million bloggers across the world, who use sites like WordPress, Medium, BlogSpot, etc. To add on to this number, there 12 million more blogging on the social media. A blog is a great medium to connect and engage with your audience. It is a crowded place, but you need to, have to and got to be there. Blogs now are a dime a dozen.  The culprit is in many ways the boom of content marketing, wherein the audience is consuming content online is increasing exponentially. In this thunderstorm of blogs, the niche and the good content may be swept away with no reach whatsoever. Not just this, the…

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Simple Marketing Campaigns to Run For the Holiday Season


The holiday season is a marketing opportunity you cannot miss, yet due to the many other things, you had to take care, along with the marketing team being too small or non-existent altogether, Holiday campaigns may seem to be a distant dream. Don’t you worry, here are some of the simple, yet effective marketing campaigns you can run. Four Simple Marketing Campaigns to Run Though simple means less effort and resources to implement, it sure doesn’t mean non-creative. Being innovative with campaigns and communicating it creatively, could influence the effectiveness of your campaigns. So personalize to fit your brand, the crux of the campaign can be a standard. Category Sales – Ever changing No matter what, sales are the best way to drive traffic to your website and influence the sale of products or services alike. But don’t do a generic up to 50% off, rather pick out categories and…