5 Things to do to Take Your Blog to The Next Level

5 Things to do to Take Your Blog to The Next Level

Blogging. Blog. The words you hear again and again. An aspiring blogger, an established blogger or a company with a blog as a marketing channel. It’s one space, a channel you cannot ignore now. According to 2016 blogging statistics, there are 6.7 million bloggers across the world, who use sites like WordPress, Medium, BlogSpot, etc. To add on to this number, there 12 million more blogging on the social media.

A blog is a great medium to connect and engage with your audience. It is a crowded place, but you need to, have to and got to be there. Blogs now are a dime a dozen.  The culprit is in many ways the boom of content marketing, wherein the audience is consuming content online is increasing exponentially.

In this thunderstorm of blogs, the niche and the good content may be swept away with no reach whatsoever. Not just this, the creative blockage and the content rut is also hurdles that need to be hopped over if you want your blog to be alive, every single day.

The blog is set up; you have found a posting schedule that gives you the maximum traffic and engagement, but… The ‘but’ in question is what is to be solved. Blogging is a real-world marketing problem that evolves with time, so one standard solution will never work.

Certain key measures, when taken can create all the difference to your blog – personal or business. Here are five things to do to take your blog to the next level,

Innovation is the Key – Revamp your Content Periodically

The genre is set, but the variety is to be brought in the articles you write. You are already creating pretty good content, which drives traffic, but you need to revamp the presentation bit periodically. Don’t just state facts and compile data, instead present it as a problem that can be solved. Use the title to attract the new and existing audience to your content.

Write content that is engaging with your audience and has more ‘shareable score.’ This is possible only when the content is relatable. Innovate what you write, but never forget the audience you are writing for. Plan the posts you write and treat them as campaigns – Create challenges, post series and even discussions to engage your audience. The more you engage them, the more referral audience they will bring in.

Invite Guest Bloggers or do a Collaboration with Other Blogs

This is a mutual way to reach out to the other’s audience and also a channel to generate much better reach. Invite fellow bloggers to write a guest post on your blog, and you do the same on theirs. Collaborations are always a great way to build an audience and also social engagements. Guest posts will mean you will be able to leverage your knowledge to reach out to potential audiences that may eventually join your community of followers.

Even better is to collaborate with other bloggers or blogs to create a campaign – an idea that is relevant to both your blogs and also has the potential to engage the audience. This will ensure there is more buzz across social media and in turn giving you momentum to drive more website traffic leading up to sales of your products or services. The core idea here is the reach, double it or triple it and eventually also give innovative content to your existing audience

Personalize the Links You share with Custom URL Builders

Custom links are the unsung heroes in marketing. Writing content is not enough, marketing it right is what is necessary. Good content can go waste without marketing, and bad content can trend with good marketing. The survey shows that more than 80% of the audience preferred to click on custom links than just short links.

Custom URL builders are your secret tools to attract more clicks with the least possible effort. Customize URL links not only get more clicks but also are an opportunity to brand all the content you share across social platforms. MyLnk URLs such as will make the subject of your blog clear to the audience. Customize links also give you the opportunity to skip the title of the blog to be mentioned in the social posts or to skip conjunction words buy here, read here, etc., Giving you more word count to say something else.

Networking – Do Good to Get Good

Every blogger out there, like you, is looking for more traffic and engagement on their blogs. So, read, comment and blogger content you like on your social media handles. Spread some blog love and get some too. This will also give you an opportunity to put in backlinks for your blog on various other websites. Additionally, it will also be an activity that will attract more audience to your blog.

It will also help you discover good content across the internet and be inspired by your subsequent blog posts or campaigns. This may also form the stepping stone for future collaborations and guest posts. This would also mean you are sharing varied content to your audience and also gives an opportunity to use custom links that can be branded. For example:

Join Communities and Groups

Blogging communities are plenty, be part of them. Communities like IndiBlogger, Blogadda, Blogpress, etc., have a directory of bloggers and a great way to discover new blogs. Additionally, there are many more communities on social media, and it’s a great channel to promote your content, eventually increasing your reach. Being part of communities will also mean, your blog will gain much exposure and the possibility of being discovered by many other blogs or audience.

Additionally, there are also periodic writing prompts, discussions and contests being organized. Be part of these events, because it will give you a feeler of the trends in your genre and the general audience reactions. This will, in turn, help you build engaging content for your blog and may even help you create your successful event.

These five tips to take your blog to the next level will work only when you combine and implement more than one tip. You can’t possibly do just one thing and expect miracles for your blog. Most importantly be consistent in what you do.

Blogging is not just an art but a science too.

So keep evolving the various techniques you implement to improve your blog. Combine A/B testing to see which strategy works better for you blog and shows the maximum results. Have a top 5 strategies that work the best for your blog, which you can periodically run. But keep trying something new. Content is the king. Don’t ever compromise with it. Create good content and work harder to market it. Engage your audience, run campaigns, but also observe the behavior and the success of campaigns and content. This will help you optimize and in turn, build better content and campaigns to increase the traffic to your blog.

Take the first step and start using custom links, Try – Your Custom URL Builder and Management Tool. Start your journey of personal branding and smart marketing with MyLnk. Happy Blogging!