How to Know Your Customer Better with Real-time Data

Ever wondered, what separates successful brands from also-rans? It’s the ability of a business, to collect data about customers and also respond to it – both in real time! One may collect loads of real-time data, but it’s of no use if one cannot act on it instantly. Again, the reverse too holds true – one may be well prepared for action on their real-time data with the help of technology-based tools, but it’s of no use with the wrong data! Understanding customers with the help of data enable a business to make informed decisions. Knowing or understanding a customer better, using real-time data is not as complicated as one might imagine!  However, it requires a thoughtful analysis of where and how one can collect meaningful data. It’s useful to know what a customer is doing at any moment along with understanding their history. Now, it all boils to the…


Running a restaurant? How to give a personalized customer experience

It is time to wave goodbye to the long-serving model of standardization and embrace the power of personalization, in 2018. The potential is such that touch of personalization can go a long way in pocketing your customers’ loyalty. Without it, your customers are sure to present their loyalty to competitors, who understand the need for a customized restaurant experience. In a world where ‘custom-this’ and ‘custom-that’ are as customary as energizing morning coffee, it is befitting to cast the spell of “personalization” on restaurants to stimulate trust, growth, popularity and in due time, legacy. Often, people turn a blind eye to the importance of personalization because, in all truth, it is impossible to create a unique experience for every customer, who steps into a restaurant. And what if the customer is accompanied by a friend or colleague? How then, can one create a personalized experience? It is honestly quite daunting…


Seasonal Campaigns – A Sensible Way of Marketing


Digital market is a crowded platform, with millions of others trying to grab customers’ attention. Every other person is doing the same campaigns, following similar trends and fighting for an ounce of attention. But only the marketers, who think out of the box and make their campaigns relevant to the audiences, wins. Seasonal campaigns are the best way to make your campaigns more relevant. Seasonal Campaigns – Connect better with your audience Knowing and understanding your target audience, will give you a clearer picture on the seasonal campaigns you ought to have. Don’t take it as granted that seasonal campaigns would mean you run 4 campaigns a year based on the season. A big NO! Customer profiling of the existing and the prospective will give you a clear picture. Keep the following in mind, when you are to plan and decide on the seasonal campaigns, What are the parameters involved…


A Beginner’s Guide to Branding

Guide to Branding

“Products are made in the factory. But brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor Times have changed. It’s no more about being a company that offers products or services, but about being a Brand. Branding is nothing but etching oneself in the minds of people, wherein the audience doesn’t just associate themselves with a product, but also a value. It’s not just about having an image, but actually living up to it. For example, when you think of Amul, you think of Dr. Kurien and the little girl saying ‘utterly butterly delicious.’ More so, thinking of Amul incites a trust and warmth that only comes about when one can emotionally connect with a brand. This is a classic example of astute branding, wherein the company stood for values, not just their products. Branding is about leaving a mark on customers’ minds and creating evangelists or ambassadors. Here is…


URL Customizing – What it means to your Business

URL customization

Digital marketing forms the crux of any company’s marketing strategy. Efforts to reach out have to be attached to a marketing goal, be it to increase traffic to a website or create brand awareness. A Uniform Resource Link(URL) is the heart and soul of these digital marketing campaigns. In general, a URL is long and has various linguistically meaningless characters in it, which makes it hard to share it, especially on social media platforms. URL shortener is a boon in this context. But URL Customizing is the actual cherry on the cake. Custom Url – Lesser Known Hero        About 1 million links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook (Source: The amount of content in the form of words, photos, and videos shared, is increasing exponentially. But the attention span of audiences keeps decreasing. You have a maximum of 10 seconds to retain their attention and get them to…