5 Things to do to Take Your Blog to The Next Level


Blogging. Blog. The words you hear again and again. An aspiring blogger, an established blogger or a company with a blog as a marketing channel. It’s one space, a channel you cannot ignore now. According to 2016 blogging statistics, there are 6.7 million bloggers across the world, who use sites like WordPress, Medium, BlogSpot, etc. To add on to this number, there 12 million more blogging on the social media. A blog is a great medium to connect and engage with your audience. It is a crowded place, but you need to, have to and got to be there. Blogs now are a dime a dozen.  The culprit is in many ways the boom of content marketing, wherein the audience is consuming content online is increasing exponentially. In this thunderstorm of blogs, the niche and the good content may be swept away with no reach whatsoever. Not just this, the…


How to Increase Reach by Customizing your link to make it Meaningful?

Increase reach with customized links

Customize… Track… Review… Repeat… I dislike lengthy blogs just as much as the next person, so let’s get right down to it. To customize a link with a meaningful message: Visit  Copy and paste your link in the text box provided. Click the customize radio button. Type in the meaningful message that you want in your link. Remember, the only special characters that you can use are underscores (_) and hyphens (-). Use the desired social media button to share your link with the world. Track your clicks, views, reach and much more… To add clarity, refer to the illustration below: Which link would you rather click: v/s Though both links point to the same online page, I’m certain the second link is more inviting because it tells you what to expect on clicking the link.


Why do Customized Links Get Clicked?

Why do customized links get clicked

Would you give more importance to a message on a chat group or a personal message from an individual? Just as I thought! Personal messages mean more to people. Similarly, people give more importance to personalized links. It is just human tendency to click on links that carry a significant message. Let me illustrate with a simple example. v/s Which link would you click? Not surprisingly, the first choice is more popular because one knows what the post is about, even before clicking on the link. Studies have also shown that people are more likely to click on actual links as opposed to action buttons such as ‘click here’ or ‘read more’. With MyLnk’s customized links, not only are you giving your viewers an actual link, but you are customizing it to make it more personal. Such links are sure to get clicked! We have gone a step…