How to Share Meaningful Links on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the second most used messenger platform in the world. 1.2 billion People use WhatsApp (as of May 2017) and each user logins 23 times a day, spending an average of 35minutes online per day. (Source: Business Of Apps & MediaKix)  WhatsApp has slowly grown to be the most used communication platform, leaving behind offline messages. Not just text messages, but the number of images, videos, and links, being shared on WhatsApp is growing exponentially. Too Much Content, Too Little Time    With the amount of content being shared every day, how to filter out what to watch or rather, how do you grab the attention of the user? At times, there is much content that is skipped or turns out to be spam or non-interesting. Usually, longer form of the URLs is shared, which looks tedious. So the question is how do you share meaningful links on WhatsApp? A…