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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns More Successful

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns More Successful

Are you still debating as to whether you should be running a holiday campaign? Yes. Yes and yes, you should be. Studies show that, the buying rate of customers spike up during the holiday season. People are happy and planning for the New Year’s, the possibility of a chance or higher spend is definite. Either to double your sales or to increase your reach, Holiday season marketing campaigns are a must. 5 Ways Your Holiday Season Campaign can be a Super Success With the holiday season nearing, the number of brands competing to catch the customers attention is innumerable. Standing out is the priority in running the campaign. Attention to the tiniest details can make all the difference here. Stay Relevant. Talk Relevant Marketing communications should be crisp and relevant to the audience. You can’t be selling a gas mask for the holiday season. Maybe you can, as long as…

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Simple Marketing Campaigns to Run For the Holiday Season


The holiday season is a marketing opportunity you cannot miss, yet due to the many other things, you had to take care, along with the marketing team being too small or non-existent altogether, Holiday campaigns may seem to be a distant dream. Don’t you worry, here are some of the simple, yet effective marketing campaigns you can run. Four Simple Marketing Campaigns to Run Though simple means less effort and resources to implement, it sure doesn’t mean non-creative. Being innovative with campaigns and communicating it creatively, could influence the effectiveness of your campaigns. So personalize to fit your brand, the crux of the campaign can be a standard. Category Sales – Ever changing No matter what, sales are the best way to drive traffic to your website and influence the sale of products or services alike. But don’t do a generic up to 50% off, rather pick out categories and…


How to Share Meaningful Links on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the second most used messenger platform in the world. 1.2 billion People use WhatsApp (as of May 2017) and each user logins 23 times a day, spending an average of 35minutes online per day. (Source: Business Of Apps & MediaKix)  WhatsApp has slowly grown to be the most used communication platform, leaving behind offline messages. Not just text messages, but the number of images, videos, and links, being shared on WhatsApp is growing exponentially. Too Much Content, Too Little Time    With the amount of content being shared every day, how to filter out what to watch or rather, how do you grab the attention of the user? At times, there is much content that is skipped or turns out to be spam or non-interesting. Usually, longer form of the URLs is shared, which looks tedious. So the question is how do you share meaningful links on WhatsApp? A…

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How to Increase Your Followers with Contests?

How to Increase Your Followers with Contests

The ultimate goal of Digital marketing campaigns are conversions, but interactions are equally important. The more audience you build, the more you interact, your reach multiplies. Also being connected with your existing customers and future prospective customers will always have opportunities for a conversion. So brands periodically run campaigns to gain more followers on their platform. Contests are by far the most effective and instantaneous.  Contests to Gain Followers & Increase Interactions No matter the age, contests are exciting to everyone. Winning something or getting something for free is something that nobody denies of wanting. May it is a book, a holiday or a gift voucher, no matter the gratification, the excitement is evident across platforms. But a word of caution, run contests that relates to your product or service because contests give you an opportunity to directly interact and impact your customers. Use it to create brand awareness. Make…

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Amazing Organic Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Get more visitors to your website

Business, blogger or influencer, a website is a must-have. The second essential is, of course, driving traffic to your website. Traffic to a website is vital to any business, as more traffic means more sales and customer acquisition. Companies and individuals alike, the focus is always on how traffic can be directed to a website. The methods to drive traffic are many, but attaining it organically is a challenge. Paid traffic at times may not be relevant, and hence attracting regular visitors would require periodic investments. When budgets are tight, innovative marketing ideas to drive organic traffic is the smart way of marketing. But how do you do it, is the question. The channels are many, but consistency is what will get you results. Organic acquisition of visitors maybe unpredictable and may work differently for various businesses. Here are 10 ways to get more traffic organically: Socialize your Brand   Be…