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The Emerging Role of Link Shorteners in the E-commerce Industry

The Emerging Role of Link Shorteners in the E-commerce Industry

The long web links or URLs that look so spammy have become old-fashioned. Making use of an effective web-link shortener to minimize the number of characters in a link is the way to go on the web these days!  URL shortener, link shortener, or custom link; all are pretty much the same thing. They are tools which take a long URL and shorten it says, Neel Sinha, Founder, MyLnk.

The eye-catching and brand receptive link shortener solution is the latest in innovative content. In the rise of Twitter, long links started becoming a problem and shortening them became necessary as every character counted in the set limit. Today when the number of people using Facebook feeds is on the rise, use of customized URLs cannot be ignored.

Keeping online friends and followers happy is not the only purpose behind a link-shortener. A lot of options providing additional services like link bookmarking and analytics on the clicks is being used seriously.

Performance tracking, promoting, sharing and increasing click-through rates are some of the benefits of a link-shortener. It’s interesting to discuss the emerging role of Link Shorteners in the E-commerce Industry.

Shortening to make Meaningful:

Being short is being strong and smart online! Short URLs are preferable for some reasons. Long URLs in the text can make the accompanying message difficult to read, and links can break if they fail to wrap properly.

The use and popularity of shortening URLs have increased because of mobile messaging and social media websites. For today’s e-commerce merchant who wants to convey an important point via instant messaging or mobile texting, URL Shortener is helpful.

In the music industry, as is the case with any other eCommerce industry, links to products and services are long and sometimes meaningless.  Thus the need for link shorteners is painfully obvious! First impressions are everything! Link management that includes URL shortening and redirection is essential for all businesses with an online presence.

Branding Strategy:

Marketing a brand, product or offers to customers is fundamental to business. URLs are often a customer’s initial interaction with a company, and an effective link management process is highly critical for any online business.

URL shortener helps build customer trust and satisfaction, provide valuable marketing analytics, and maintain and improve search engine optimization. A nice and simple shortened URL is in line with consistent branding for an organization which inspires confidence with those clicking on the link. It offers solutions for businesses to reach the right audience with branded and customized website links.  If one desires to do what the big guys do – get creative and create a custom web link shortener to establish a brand name.

Strategizing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.  Content alone won’t help sell unless it is a little bit assertive.

Moving away from Branding, standard URL Shorteners have some additional benefits around stats for each link – one can see click details:

  • The volume
  • Time of day,
  • Day of week,
  • Location,
  • Device type, device brand, and device name, etc.

The above data is useful and helps in planning to post content for maximum reach and engagement.

Optimizing Promotional Campaigns:

Nobody counts the number of ads a company runs; they remember the impression that is created.  Similar is the case with many online promotional campaigns like quiz contests, webinars, and videos launched by the various companies, making use of customized website link, with the sole intention of increasing sales and leads.

Due to their busy schedule or other commitments, a prospective lead or a customer may get disconnected from the promotional schemes launched by a company.

The analytics offered by the URL shorteners comes in handy helping in analyzing the clicks to their campaigns. Depending on the number of clicks coming from a location, it enables the company to launch an offline campaign to regenerate further interest in their customers along with coming conveniently nearer to them!

Impacting (Search Engine Optimization) SEO:

 One of the best things about the internet is instant access to just about any information one needs. This is especially true when researching search engine optimization (SEO). According to a study, the first page of Google search receives 95% of web traffic. This has compelled the eCommerce industry to work continually on their SEO activities.

One is very well aware that Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first!  With the passage of time, SEO has become a normalized marketing tactic – the same way TV, Radio and Print were traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.

URL redirection is what happens after creating custom shortened links that take customers to existing content on existing domains. The efficiency and effectiveness of this service are critical to managing how well one can serve their customers online.

Effective link management is an integral part of increasing a company’s SEO rankings. URL redirection moves the SEO link power to a target URL and allows to maintain and improve the ranking level.

Behind the scenes process of redirection can be complicated, so a trusted service is highly important. Whether one is shortening URLs, changing domains or adjusting embedded links, it’s important to make sure the redirection service manages it securely and reliably.

Google’s spiders to are kept happy that there’s no black hat link cloaking going on!

Better Tracking:

Doing business without any promotional campaigns is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does!

Link Shorteners allows one to track multi-links effectively thereby making it possible to figure out how their campaigns are faring. Using multiple custom domains, one can segment their content by domain and track campaigns accordingly.  Most URL shorteners come with a full suite of analytics tools allowing one to not only redirect users via a more memorable address but also track where the traffic is coming from.

A Link Shortener is a perfect solution for businesses to reach the right audience enabling them to measure and manage effectively their campaigns with link analytics and insights.

Using the Right URL Shortener Services:

For any medium to large sized brand, or business that revolves around digital marketing and inbound traffic generation, one will probably be looking for some paid solution at some point depending on the number of clicks needed; the size of the budget, or team size.

When sharing content online, especially as a brand, people will judge every aspect of what is put out there – from the hashtag used, to the bio profile, even the way the link looks. So to get the most out of a social post, one should take a few extra seconds to think about how their link is going to look when sharing with other people.

Reliability and availability are two more concerns. It’s always advisable to use the services of the right URL Shortener. Even if service may guarantee 99% uptime, there will still be three and a half days per year when its shortened links won’t work.  And as some users have found to their dismay, shortened links may no longer work if the service goes out of business!

Now that you know the importance of a URL Shortener, you need to use the right URL shortening strategy for your business. Get an expert on board to improve your brand presence and make sure your customers are seeing the content you want them to see – Your brand will certainly take-off in the right direction.

Disclaimer: This blog was originally published in the website: MarTech Advisor