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Five Path Breaking Rules to Leverage Social Media for Growth

Image-Five path breaking rules to leverage social media for growth

As social media users,in other words, the potential customers continually increase worldwide with each passing year, it is imperative for every organization to manage better,and expand further through social media.

There has been a notable increase in the number of social media users since over the past few years. The target audiences being online, a business needs to go online too – to connect with new customers, make them aware of the products and services, engage them to win their loyalty along with continuing to interact with existing consumers to strengthen the relations.

Amid the mandatory presence and mix-up on expected outcomes on social media, let’s discuss the most five path-breaking rules to leverage social media to its core potential for business growth.

01. Staying Visible: Social media demands regular updates and posts. If the target audience is not engaged in the meaningful conversations then the end goal gets defeated! To stay visible a business needs to focus mainly on building a social profile and defining a plan. Staying visible is like a systematic investment plan that would bring in leads and sales in due course of time.

02. Talking and Listening: Social media is the platform where human beings are interacting and conversing with each other. So, in order to attain growth through social media ensure to speak and listen as well as listen and talk!  Just to sum it in one word – ‘engage.’ One can do so by investing time to post comments, replying to users who mentions the business in comments, and like or share posts of other users. 

Another way to get mass attention is to follow influencers and high-profile accounts in sync with the industry to which it belongs. In this way, it would be possible to initiate the conversation with one’s followers and along with building up the network of potential customers.

03. Creating Value: Creating value through content is another path-breaking rule. The content created should have a perfect blend of text, audio, images, and videos. Infographics is a way out to grab the attention of online the target audience. Further, the content must leave a lasting impression on the viewer and create some value that compels a user to like it or share it. One needs to consider some crucial points while developing content:

  • Providing solution. Most often, followers and target audiences read the posts to look out for some solution. So, understanding the target audience well, identifying their pain points and addressing them directly with the suitable content is a must.
  • Being original. Today, the online audience is observant and intelligent, and therefore the ‘cut, copy and paste’ of old content in a new look is not appreciated. One needs to ensure to be original! The content should be short, simple and yet meaningful and creative.  

04. Using Skilled Workforce: Social media has certainly brought the world closer. No more can social media be driven by a ‘one-man army’! It requires specialized skills of content writers, graphic designers, and strategists. It requires well planned and well-implemented teamwork. Though technology and tools indeed enable to manage social accounts, yet it needs a skilled workforce to leverage the power of social media.

05. Social Recommending:Word-of-Mouth recommendation is invaluable because it comes from the existing-users hence new-users can trust the organization and proceed with the buying decision. It indeed is the most critical way out for enhancing the conversion rates and increasing the traffic.

Social media is quite resourceful in gaining social recommendations. Reviews, trust seals, testimonials are few examples of social recommendations. Tools such as EmbedSocial helps in building social recommendations as it prompts users to share their experience and thoughts in the form of reviews, feedback, and ratings. One must ensure to respond back to the customer with a suitable response or personalized note for recommending one’s business so that they feel gratified. Social recommendations boost the brand value that is beyond the monetary power, therefore one must effectively work towards it!

Conclusion: Social media has evolved extremely well over the years and has powered the connectivity enormously. It plays a significant role in the growth and expansion of business operations. Consumers across the globe have warmly accepted social media as a new mode of communication. Double the prospects of your business growth by leveraging MyLnk services along with the five path-breaking social media rules discussed above.

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