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Marketers Secret Weapon: The Marketing Analytics Tool

Marketers Secret Weapon: The Marketing Analytics Tool

In business, it’s quite common to assess the competition in a related industry. When strategizing for digital marketing, it’s very necessary to market online a business or drive traffic to the site. A business needs to be ready to compete in a highly competitive market. Having a grasp of competitors’ marketing strategies proves gainful.

It would be wrong to term it as spying if a business keeps a watch on its competitors by analyzing their marketing strategies to meet their business and sales goals. That’s a secret weapon, and it’s called, “competitive analysis.”

Marketing is quite a broad term – one will at least need a couple of tools to cover the various areas. Analytics is critical to improve decision-making and check regularly check what brings in the desired results. Marketing tools are easy to use and understand and help in improving campaigns.

Popular Marketing Analytical Tools Frequently in Use:

– Google Analytics: It’s a popular and free tool to analyze a website that helps in understanding the traffic.

– Google AdWords Report: If one is running with Google AdWords campaigns, it provides a free report that guides to improve the campaigns by analyzing the clicks.

– Hootsuite: This tool lets one analyze efforts on social media, so as to improve the performance based on data.

– RTB Reporting System: Here one gets every important social media report with a single platform. Being very convenient and user-friendly; one can even monitor campaigns on their mobile.

– Brand24: This social media monitoring tool tells if one’s marketing efforts are taking them in the right direction.

– Bitly,, MyLnk: Bitly may be the reigning champ of URL shorteners in the Twitter-world, but has analytics covered. MyLnk is an emerging innovative link customizer and a URL management platform that gives an opportunity to customize a link.

– Cyfe: Cyfe allows one to gets historical data, real-time reports, and integrate custom data sources. Cyfe has separate dashboards showing insights for all of the platforms: social media, marketing, web analytics, finance, sales, project management, IT and startup with lead generation tracking.

Marketer’s Challenge: It’s become a challenge for marketers to keep abreast of emerging trends in data sources. Imagine how early-acquired knowledge would benefit the designing of a digital advertising and marketing plan by figuring out, in a preliminary stage, how similar online companies are acquiring traffic, what online sources are driving more visitors, or how competitors are monetizing those numbers.

The right tools are enabling marketers to make informed decisions as well as keep track of the activities of their competitors. The URL customizer service is today proving to be that marketing analytics tool that marketers are using as a secret tool. Let’s discuss how this secret weapon is being optimally used by marketers to keep one step ahead of their competitors.

As marketers produce more and more content than they ever did before, content marketing is becoming the most significant part of the marketing activity. It’s showing no signs of slowing down. Usually, the primary goals of any marketing campaign are creating brand recognition, increasing sales, registering users or generating leads.

Writing great and engaging content increases the chances of brand recognition, which helps in driving increased sales or lead generation. If a business is spending money on digital marketing, analytics is the top priority – It saves a lot of time and gives greater insights and results. , most companies, are struggling to define and measure their RoI. To begin with, it is very necessary to have a clear understanding of what one hopes to accomplish with each of their marketing campaigns.

VanityMetrics: For years, the term vanity metrics has been dominating the marketing world.  It has even become more prominent with the increase in content marketing and the rise of influencers. Vanity metrics includes measuring the likes, shares, page views, downloads, or subscribers for a social media page or website. However, it must be noted, the numbers obtained using vanity metrics, are not a true indication of the success of a business or its marketing campaign.

More in-depth metrics, which explore engagement and retention, will paint a much better picture of how real the audience is and help you to capture a more accurate ROI. Creating a report based on more in-depth metrics will help you to identify the true performance of your content and enable your team to make smarter, more informed decisions on the strategy moving forward.

Welcoming Deeper Metrics: It’s time to say bye-bye to vanity metrics and welcome deeper metrics! Many businesses use content on their websites and in various social media pages. They usually track it using embedded analytics in the form of Google Analytics.

However, tracking the content performance or engagement that is outside a website or social media page, can get more difficult with this. That’s where the URL shortener steps in!

That’s where the importance of smart URL customizers come into play – they provide in-depth analysis and insights. Using URL customizers, one can easily find out what content is working best: Channel-wise, Influencer-wise, Campaign-wise, etc. etc.

Smart URL customizers or URL shorteners, as they are called; are services that help to shorten and customize a longer link, mainly used for branding and campaigning purposes. Nowadays, a website site usually has dozens of directories and subdomains, which makes handling the URL difficult. That’s where link shortening services come in.

Getting a bit further, customized URLs are engineered to report on various data points based on the creator’s requirements. MyLnk is an URL customizer service that stands out as a remarkable marketing analytics tool for conveying messages quickly by creating meaningful links that attract clicks.

It provides analytics in a simple, understandable, yet comprehensive format through a simple and easy to use interface. In short, it is a unique URL customizer that is taking the digital world by storm. Behind the scene, it contains additional tracking parameters and analytics.

URL customizer – Marketer’s Secret Analytics Weapon: Any business and its needs are very much unique. Most URL shorteners have a range of different features. One is seeing a steady rise in the companies that are offering URL shortener services.  As newer companies enter this space, innovations happen constantly that improve the user experience.

The data that URL shorteners accumulate leads to innovative social media services. It provides a useful interface for sharing that enables to see the number of views, and more. The rise of mobile smartphones, texting, and mobile internet; it’s far easier to text in a short URL than a long one. Today, URL Shorteners aren’t just about shortening URLs anymore. They are proving to be a marketer’s modern secret marketing analytics tool that enables to:

– Create custom links.

– Create short links.

– See link analytics.

– Create and compare campaigns.

– Brand links, etc.

Choosing the Right URL Customizer: A tool that can get statistics on clicks and shares; can create QR Codes automatically; enables image recognition, supports iBeacons,and can specify mobile deep links; isn’t that a useful yet secret weapon? Using URL shorteners one can customize a link; track clicks, referrers, browsers,computer platforms, geographic locations, and even the time period that brought the most clicks.

The day is not far wherein one can easily foresee every domain to have a URL shortening capability that will lessen the load on the web. Now, the question is, which URL shortener should a business opt for?

The important factors that one needs to consider when choosing a Link Shortener for their business should broadly include the features, price, user base, ease of use, user training, and link branding. MyLnk isn’t just a link shortener, but a link customizer. It allows to measure and manage campaigns with link analytics and insights. It specializes in link branding and link tracking. It’s just the right marketing analytics tool that one is looking for. So, it’s recommended that one take a look at it before arriving at their decision.