Seasonal Campaigns – A Sensible Way of Marketing

Seasonal Campaigns – A Sensible Way of Marketing

Digital market is a crowded platform, with millions of others trying to grab customers’ attention. Every other person is doing the same campaigns, following similar trends and fighting for an ounce of attention. But only the marketers, who think out of the box and make their campaigns relevant to the audiences, wins. Seasonal campaigns are the best way to make your campaigns more relevant.

Seasonal Campaigns – Connect better with your audience

Knowing and understanding your target audience, will give you a clearer picture on the seasonal campaigns you ought to have. Don’t take it as granted that seasonal campaigns would mean you run 4 campaigns a year based on the season. A big NO! Customer profiling of the existing and the prospective will give you a clear picture.

Keep the following in mind, when you are to plan and decide on the seasonal campaigns,

  • What are the parameters involved in the sales of your products? Understand the highs and lows of your sales cycle. The peak is when your core seasonal campaign has to be, to heighten this peak in sales.
  • Off season campaign – This is to boost your lows in the sales cycle. Do not expect a major difference, unless you create a trend or the idea of the need. This campaign should be more on the reach and to build your social audience, more like brand awareness.
  • Don’t have too many campaigns. Choose how you place these campaigns and the budgets you set. Keeping the goals in mind and the previous analytics, will help make a smarter decision on the same.
  • Make campaigns on your own. Set apart and think out of the box. Don’t just copy someone. This will help you to set a trend as a brand.
  • Use trackable custom links, to set apart from the crowd in your campaigns. Custom URL builders like MyLnk maybe more beneficial to you than you think.

Don’t just do marketing for the sake of it but work on a more sensible plan. Divide your budgets and energies accordingly. Maximize the results of your campaign. But never lose the brand value!