URL Customizing – What it means to your Business

URL Customizing – What it means to your Business

Digital marketing forms the crux of any company’s marketing strategy. Efforts to reach out have to be attached to a marketing goal, be it to increase traffic to a website or create brand awareness. A Uniform Resource Link(URL) is the heart and soul of these digital marketing campaigns. In general, a URL is long and has various linguistically meaningless characters in it, which makes it hard to share it, especially on social media platforms. URL shortener is a boon in this context. But URL Customizing is the actual cherry on the cake.

Custom Url – Lesser Known Hero       

About 1 million links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook (Source: The amount of content in the form of words, photos, and videos shared, is increasing exponentially. But the attention span of audiences keeps decreasing. You have a maximum of 10 seconds to retain their attention and get them to click on your link before they move on to something else.

The competition in each industry is fierce, and brands are fighting to acquire market share. It makes sense to do things differently and encourage conversions in the shortest amount of time. Custom URLs are the unsung heroes that can offer an edge to your business. Here are five reasons why it could make a huge difference to your online campaigns:

Understandability and Trust Factor goes Up

If you’re trying to sell a product or lead consumers to a landing page, the call to action can be made clear with custom link builders like MyLnk. A link such as would make it clear to the audience that you are running a contest. The audience know why they are clicking the link and also understand it better. The trust factor is crucial, as it may affect the click-through rate.

Clear Messaging

With Twitter, the number of characters are limited. Hence, saving characters to say something more important is a smart way of marketing. With custom link shorteners, you don’t need to add additional content like ‘Click or Go to this link.’ Instead, your link says it all.

A Branding Tool

Branding is a factor that you cannot ignore for your company at any point of time. Using URL shortening platforms and customizing it to add your brand in the link would make for a good branding practice.

Good Looking with no Gibberish

Custom links look good, not just on social media but also on your websites and blogs. No more numbers and unknown characters. Just clear, direct messages.

Easy Tracking & Management

Tracking and management of links is the key to digital campaigns. Knowing the click-through rate and traffic driven from each channel are the most important results to deem campaigns as successful or not. The custom URL builder will track and display results, which will measure the performance of your link on each social media platform.

Custom URL links can be a game changer for your business. Incorporating it in the right way into your everyday posting and specific digital campaigns would help take your marketing strategies to the next level. In the process, you will also end up adding a branding factor with each shared link.