Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I use MyLnk to personalize a link?

  • Select the link that needs modification.
  • Paste it ‘Enter / Paste the Link you want to Customize / Shorten’ field in MyLnk’s home page.
  • Type in the new link (your custom link) under the original link in the space provided. Without any space and special charachers other that ‘-’ and ‘_’. Click Get MyLnk.
  • Copy, Email or Share your link and become famous.

  Can I track the number of clicks?

Yes, MyLnk provides this facility.

Basic: The Basic plan allows you to view the number of clicks if you do not have a Premium account. We use cookies to track the links that you create. And therefore you will have to open MyLnk from the same device as the one you use to create your personalized link or provide your email ID at the time of creating the link. If the cookies are cleared then the number of clicks will not be visible.

Premium: In Premium plans, in addition to number of clicks you can get other demographic information such as Time & Day of clicks, Country, Technology (Browser, OS, Device), Page where the click happened. For a sample report click here.

  What type of links can I shorten?

Any existing link on the web – links to videos, recipes, social media pages, CVs, product promotion pages or any other web address (URL) that you want your audience to see. For example a product promotion page can be customized with a link showcasing the use of the product in the link itself.

  How long is my custom link valid?

Under the Basic plan, a personalized link automatically expires after 6 Months. If you want a specific message to be your link – and that link is not available, you can either wait for the link to be available or create a link that is slightly different. Eg. if is taken, try or by adding ‘_’ (underscore) or ‘-‘ (hyphen) between words. Other special character like ‘:’, ‘.’ etc. are not acceptable.

  Are my personal details secure?

Yes. Your details are secure with us.

  Does the link change the content on my page?

No, the new custom link will not change the content or the main URL of the page, album, blog etc. in any way. The link only makes the address of your online content more inviting to click.

  Can I use punctuations in the url?

You can use, alphabets, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_), however spaces and other special characters are not allowed

How does MyLnk benefit me as an technology novice?

One of the key things that you are required to do in any marketing campaign is to ensure that you have enough clicks on your online Advertisements and messages.

The second most important requirement is to be able to measure the impact of the online campaign.

All aspects remaining constant, MyLnk helps by making the links that could sometimes be boring product and model names, attractive by helping incorporate the messages or benefits of the products, therefore making the link more conducive to attracting clicks.

The easy tracking and reporting feature of MyLnk help in achieving the difficult task of calculating an ROI and hence course correction of the campaign as required. This can otherwise be achieved through relatively difficult option of inserting codes in HTML pages etc. which require some technical knowledge and at times are also implausible to implement.

Can I download the advanced statistics available in the Premium plan?

Yes, the report can be downloaded as an excel report and a pdf.

  Can deleted MyLnks be recovered?

No, once deleted cannot be recovered. However if the same MyLnk is available (it has not be created by someone else) it can be created again by the same user. The Analytics details associated with the deleted link will however be lost and cannot be recovered.

  How can I use MyLnk to track the report on MyLnk?

When you register on MyLnk Premium you will have access to all stats. Detailed statistics on link performance such as Country, Day, Time, Platform, Referrer etc. are not available for unregistered users.

  How can I modify my link to be most effective?

You can customize your link to promote your personal page brand, event, thought, campaign and the like.

E.g. a brand that wants to promote a sale can use a link like

  How can I upgrade my account?

Please refer to our Plans for details regarding prevailing rates and plans.

  Can I own the link for more than 30 days?

Yes, if you register as a basic user, then MyLnk will be valid upto 6 Months. Or you can do so if you upgrade to a Premium account, Then MyLnk will be expire after 1 year. The link will automatically expire after that period.

  How long can I use a custom link?

A Premium user can own a custom link for 1 year from the date of creation. After this the link can be renewed.

How will MyLnk help in promoting my product/service?

Firstly, customized links to your pages, websites and so on will invite more clicks because they are certainly more inviting. These clicks are consolidated into stats based on different parameters such as region wise clicks, platform based clicks and so on. Using this data and features like ‘Compare’ any marketing campaign can be optimized and made more productive to ensure best return on investment.

Why is my MyLnk expiring in 30 days for un-registered users?

The links created without signing in (registering) are designed to expire in 30 days. This helps to make the links available for reuse. The short term availability feature helps in creating MyLnks for occasional messages like Birthdays, Festive Greetings etc. (for e.g as a customized link for a greeting card)

Can I compare the progress of MyLnks simultaneously?

Yes, as a basic user, you can compare the progress of 2 links at once. And Premium user can compare the progress of 5 links at once.

  Can I auto shorten the link without personal text?

Yes, you can do so. Just paste the link in the space provided and click the ‘shorten’ button.

What happens to MyLnks after 6 months in Basic plan and 1 year in Premium plan?

MyLnks under the Basic plan and Premium plans expire automatically after 6 months and 1 year respectively. Links under Premium plan can however be renewed. The MyLnks that expire after the respective period cannot be recovered and the analytics data associated will be deleted from our servers and hence will not be available to the user.

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